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Amazing company that really knows what they are doing, and they are growing really rapidly in all the countries they have started out. At Lyconet we build the company, with customers, marketers, and businesses. You register in Lyconet either with a customer ID or directly, this is Free. Today we have a very brilliant concept that gives you income very quickly. You will be introduced to this and you are never alone, we work together and we say, "Together we are strong"

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Lyconet Information!

If you are a business owner, we want all types of business in our benefits program, online and offline!


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Cashback World and Lyconet!

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First, every time you shop in one of our stores you save up to 5% cashback, plus you get shopping points.  Free with sign up bonus! 

In practice, our customers save from 10% and upwards of over 30-35% discount, this is great! Cashback world is an online company, with some offline stores around the world. In today's society, we use the internet more and more and in the future, we will order online and have it delivered at home!

We have our own online store,

At Lyconet we are marketers who build this company, we have 11 different bonuses and now Lyconet has one program called Boost. If you follow this program, you start making money every month. 50 euros / USD is the smallest payout and we have one salary system that goes from level 1 to level 8. Level 2 in 7 days, no problem, payout 200 euros, Level 3, 500 euros! 

You decide how high your salary you want, your work effort and result decide this! The requirements to be an active marketer are only 50 shopping points. When you build this company, you have to be your best customer, but you only buy what you need in your household. 

We are today in over 50 countries, are 17 years, more than 16 million shoppers, 400,000 marketers, 140,000 stores. The company associates large and small sports clubs, where the clubs receive a market bonus of up to 1% of gross turnover on supporters of others who have been handed a card from these clubs. The Serie A Roma football club gives away this membership and the supporters buy it to their household and Roma receives a 1% bonus. We will be 1 billion customers in 2025. 

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Think about this, one customer card and you'll save on everything you need in your household! 

Vacation, signup on top on this side, I give you a vacation, value 1.000-1.100 euros!

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