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Reidar Stokkan Aas

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0047 484 38 270





Amazing company that really knows what they are doing, and they are growing really rapidly in all the countries they have started out. At Lyconet we build the company, with customers, marketers and businesses. You register in Lyconet either with a customer ID, or directly, this is Free. Today we have a very brilliant concept that gives you income very quickly. You will be introduced to this and you are never alone, we work together and we say, "Together we are strong"

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Want to save and make money and secure your future? 

I am looking after leaders that want to earn real money by doing real work and build your own business. This is true! Part-time income? Full time? You decide! We take care of all!

Life has not been easy for me. When I was born, I was diagnosed with asthma bronchial. My childhood was tough, but I had a very nice period in my life when I got married 20 years old and then got 4 children.

In 1974, I became seriously ill. The asthma had, until then, been stable and I lived a normal life. I got several asthma attacks, but I had to continue my education so I was better equipped for a job. This was a huge change in my life, with two small children born 1973 and 1974. The third came in 1977, and the fourth in 1984. A lot happened to my health situation beyond the 1980s and 2000s. At the end of this period, I got colon cancer and some years later, prostate cancer

After all, it was very difficult to work when I was so ill. I became disabled at an early age and my economy was, in periods, poor. This led to the search for something that could give me recurring income. I did look at many different types of opportunities to earn some extra money each month. My health situation got worse and worse.  Today, my health situation is bad, only 37% lung capacity. Still, I look positive on my life. I must do that to live.

When I got 64, I had not thoughts about what I would get in pension, so it was a shock for me to see how little I received. I understood that the pension was too small and that I had to get more income until I should receive pension. Otherwise I had to prioritize more on what to use my money on. This was something I was unwilling to do. That's the reason why I started to look around for an opportunity in network marketing. This is something I could work with, besides my day job. I was presented with this opportunity and quickly found that this could work in my situation. I have worked in several companies, the last company being the leader of a bowling company. After 6 years as a leader, I  had to quit and since this became too much for me and my health. Then I continued with network marketing.

After 2.5 years, I have reached my goals! Today I receive good payments from the company. You can decide yourself the amount of work you wish to do. If you really want big and stable income, you should work resolutely towards your goals. This enables me to travel to places with a milder climate, since the winters in Norway are too difficult for me. This winter I traveled for the first time to the northern part of Cyprus, in Mediterrianean, because of my health situation. Without this income opportunity, it would have been financially impossible for me.

I thank this company for giving me this opportunity. The company is set up so you can actually get paid in the first month and keep that income as you build your own business. You decide yourself how fast and how big a business you want.

I recommend you to dedicate 30 minutes of your time, to join a webinar in your country. You decide yourself the day and time. This can be the most paid 30 minutes of your entire life!

Everything is ready for you with all the possible presentations and help from me, your upline. You will never feel alone. There are always someone to help you and share their knowledge. Interested?

Below, you will find webinars in different languages.


Here you will find webinars for different countries on different languages. In principle it is the same in all countries, with equal values. But of course it is adapted to the individual countries. myWorld spends several years before entering new countries. 

Russia will now open in March 2020. These webinars are a brief introduction to what this concept can mean for you, take the time to put aside 25-30 minutes.

Feel free to ask me if you can't find a webinar in your language, we have almost 100 no!

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